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July 29, 1992: Michael Jackson visits the Queen Elizabeth Children's Hospital in London. To surprise the children, he brings Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse from Euro-Disney to the hospital.
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Neverland at Night

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On December 17th, 2004, Michael opened the gates of Neverland for a Christmas party for 200 unprivileged children and their families.

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MJ: “He [Nelson Mandela] is sweet, very childlike.”

Q: Does he like to giggle?
MJ:He [Nelson Mandela] loves children because when I went to see him I had some kids with me and people were saying the kids have to stay, but Michael Jackson can come. I said. “I’m sure Mr. Mandela wouldn’t mind seeing children. I won’t go in unless the children go too.” I remember his representatives looked at me like this [makes stern and suspicious facial expression] and they went back and then they said, “Everybody come.” The first thing Mandela did is run to the children and pick them up and hug them. I knew he was that kind of man and he loved them. He was talking to them and then he shook my hand. I knew I was right.” 
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