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I wonder how it would have been if he carried his original idea through. Smooth Criminal short film as a western… But I’m glad we have the master piece that is the actual short film from Moonwalker. It’d just be cool to have an alternate version, kind of like what we have for TDCAU.

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Neverland at Night

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Neverland decorated for the holidays.


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On December 17th, 2004, Michael opened the gates of Neverland for a Christmas party for 200 unprivileged children and their families.

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I really love this footage. Michael looks so beautiful and happy. Especially when he asks: “Can I open it?” with that lovely voice. 

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Neverland House decorated for Christmas

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Michael Jackson’s very first Christmas, 1993. (x)

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request: anon | Christmas & other times at Neverland

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