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Suzuki  - 1981

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These are some of my favourite pictures of Michael (the entire shoot), taken by the now late Jonathan Exley who passed away last year (2011) on Michael’s birthday believe it or not, due to Liver Failure.

When Michael died one of Exley’s photographs from the same shoot as these two above made the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. Before his death these photographs were pretty much hidden away, I think fans had one picture available from the session.

When he passed many fabulous photographs of Michael that had been hidden away for years suddenly appeared in magazines, internet sites, television shows. Jonathan Exley was not alone in having his work with Michael find the light once MJ was gone, but his photographs indeed stood out. He captured Michael in one of the most natural ‘shoots that Michael had ever been a part of as an adult man. It captured him honestly, at home, during a terribly difficult period in his life. No fancy outfits, no Pop Royalty pose, no made up settings or looks… just Michael.

These photographs will always have a special place in my heart and I guess many others too.
In Loving Memory of Michael Jackson & Jonathan Exley. Two fabulous artists.

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It seemed an unlikely pairing but speaks to the respect Michael elicited in all areas of the music industry.

"He’s a fucking brilliant entertainer, a complete natural. He’s the only guy I’ve ever met that’s real— for that kind of music." - Slash, former lead guitarist of the band Guns N’ Roses

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Happy Birthday Slash !

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If you got SOUL, you got STYLE!


If you got SOUL, you got STYLE!

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Danny Nickerson, of Foxboro, Massachusetts, will turn six on July 25. He was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor this past October — one of the most chemotherapy-resistant cancers. As a result, he has since stopped going to kindergarten.

The boy gets lonely from time to time, and is always happy to get cards with his name written on them.

All he wants for his birthday (July 25th) is birthday cards !

 —> Let’s do this for him and in honor of Michael The little boy’s 6th birthday is July 25! 

For those of you living out of the USA, you can still mail the card even if it will be after his birthday. This little guy loves to receive mail with his name on it!

His name is Danny Nickerson and here is his address
Danny Nickerson, P.O. Box 212, Foxboro, MA, 02035.—abc-news-health.html

(Thank you Jody La for the post)

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